“The MVM motorsports belt drive has improved the way my sled reacts by making it feel very nimble, snappy, and all around more fun to ride!  It not only delivers an instant response time from when you hit the throttle to when your track starts to spin, it also removes the most amount of rotating mass, along with the most weight on the market!  Please weigh all the belt drives out there side by side and see for your self!  This kit makes your stock sled so much more fun, and its built to last.  The fit and finish is a beautiful piece of work, made by committed riders that work at MVM.  So if your looking for that next piece to add on your sled to make it better….. then this is it!”

-Duncan Lee

“One of the most technically advanced products on my sled this year is from Mountain Valley Machine. MVM has engineered and manufactured the toughest, smoothest and lightest belt drive system available for Arctic Cat Pro-climb chassis on the market. Each component is machined out of billet aluminum, making it an astonishing 12 pounds lighter than the stock chain case and oil tank system. Dropping nearly 3 pounds of rotating mass, instantly you can feel much better utilization of power. No more broken chains or punching holes through the chain case, ending your season early. This year alone I put roughly 2,000 miles on the MVM belt drive system, absolutely abusing it every chance I had. My personal sled runs at 220 HP and to have the confidence that it is now possible to be full throttle on hard abrupt landings, to hold it pinned up a long pull, or to race your buddies down a whooped out trail is a complete game changer. The design of the billet aluminum cover keeps belt and gear temperatures extremely low even when playing for hours in blower deep powder, extending belt life. If you’re looking for an alternative way to drive your sled that is user friendly, lightweight, dependable and impressively sharp looking, there is no better option than Mountain Valley Machine.”

-Shad Simmons

“My brother Nick and I have twin 2012 600 Arctic Cat Proclimb mod sleds. We are running Boondocker Turbos at 14 lbs. of boost. Since day one they have run identical in all circumstances. Last season I purchase a belt drive from Mountain Valley Machine and put it on my sled. The 7 lbs (oil delete) weight savings is great but, the performance gain was very impressive. I am able to get him out of the hole, pull him through the mid range, and even gained 3-4 mph on the top end. The fully machined billet aluminum components make for smooth utilization of the power band. We have had broken chains and chain cases in the past racing on the RMSHA circuit. With this kit we have full confidence in the drive system and no more broken cases. Thanks MVM for a great product.”

Tony Zollinger Zolinger Racing

“Thanks for building the awesome belt drives for Tupper Racing, Trace Tupper and myself. We ran two of them all season, one on Trace’s turbo mod sled and my backcountry sled. Not only do they assit in shedding weight, the improved throttle response was very impressive. Thanks again Todd and Dean for the great product! We are looking forward to rallying the mountain and the race track on our Mountain Valley Machine belt drives again this season!!”

-Todd Tupper, Tupper Racing

“I ran my MVM belt drive for 1800 miles on my turbo’d 2017 M8000 last season and was very impressed with the kit.  Ease of installation, flashy billet aluminum looks, performance increases and major weight savings makes this product a no-brainer!  I did not expect a significant “seat-of-the-pants” improvement but was very surprised to have much faster bottom-end throttle response, as well as smoother power delivery throughout the RPM range.”

-Linden Ladouceur Dunster British Columbia, CA