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We enjoy all kinds of machine work! Starting out we were your regular run of the mill job shop, and we enjoy that work. In time we developed the skills through schooling and on the job training for mold making. This was our passion for many years.  We built hundreds of molds and sent them to customers around the western states to be molded. This is when we decided we would get into the injection molding side of things. Customers seem to enjoy having their parts molded where the mold is built. Our desire has always been to have fun with our work. With this in mind, over the past several years we have focused on design and development of after market products for the snowmobile, motorcycle and gun industries. We want to spend time doing the things that we love to do. Our love for Adventure and living the American dream is truly alive. We invite anyone who has ideas, dreams, and a desire to make them come true to give us a call. We enjoy looking at and helping people move towards their personal goals and being a part of it.

-Team MVM